Site Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a site gives and receives from your browser so it can remember who you are as you navigate between pages. Most websites use them to improve the site experience, e.g. uses them so you can stay logged into the forum.

Cookie Policy for

The site uses cookies in the following ways:

  1. To bring your attention to this page. i.e. we test if you are a first time visitor and put up a notice and link to our cookie policy.
  2. To hold your login credentials and session information so that you can use the online forum.
  3. Analytics - to produce site reports on number of unique visitors, most popular pages etc.

In addition this site makes use of some 3rd party services who may also issue you with cookies.

  1. Advertising through Google Ads. Please review their cookie information.
  2. Other affiliates, e.g. Ebay & Amazon may also issue cookies.
  3. Social media links - Twitter, Google, Facebook etc. are associated with your use of those services.

Improving your privacy

If you wish to do so you may strengthen your privacy in certain ways:

  1. Enable the "do not track" setting in your browser. Most browsers offer this setting and it serves as a notification to advertisers that you do not wish to be tracked across websites. You must refer to Google Ads for their policy with regard to honouring this setting.
  2. Clear your cookies after each session or set them to expire early. Many browsers have settings that allow you to clear or limit the lifetime of cookies.
  3. Set your browser to disable 3rd party cookies altogether. Note that some functionality in the site might be affected by this, such as forum functionality.
  4. Install a social media blocking tool in your browser. This will remove the +1s, Likes etc. on pages that contain them.
  5. Install a site blocking tool in your browser. Please note that by doing so you may inadvertantly deprive this site of revenue and due prominence in search engines so we kindly ask you to weigh this choice against the downsides to us.